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Foundation Topic - 15/16



Foundation have been learning about changes that take place during autumn and the beautiful colours around us.  We went on an autumn walk on the school grounds to find different leaves and used sticks to make dens.  We also learnt about nocturnal animals, hibernation and have used paint and natural materials to make our classroom look like autumn.  Our classroom looks lovely!

Autumn Term


Foundation Stage children have been learning about dinosaurs.  We found out that some dinosaurs ate plants and shrubs whilst others ate meat.
We found a nest in our classroom.  So….
we followed the dinosaur footprints……
and found mummy dinosaur in the story garden.
 We ordered numbers 1-7 so we could take a picture with mummy dinosaur.
Then we all took turns to continue our own made up story about Mummy dinosaur and her lost eggs.  Here is our story.
Once upon a time there was a big hungry mummy dinosaur and she looked everywhere for her eggs.  She searched and searched and didn’t remember that they were in the nest.  A big dinosaur took the eggs.  He said “boom, boom, boom” and killed them.  But they were not killed.  Mummy dinosaur was going to build a new nest but got lost.  Her babies are hatching this week, two came out but one was left behind.  The big dinosaur tried to get them again but the babies hopped away and went back to foundation class. 

Summer Term Topic


Foundation class have been learning about spring and have been painting still life pictures of daffodils.

They have also been learning about Transport and have been creating their own vehicles out of recycled goods!