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Year 1 Topic - 15/16

This half term class 1 have been learning about the body and how to stay healthy.

In science we have been learning about our senses and have taken part in a different exploratory activities to discover our senses which include: using our noses to smell what was in a pot and identify the smell, we went on a hearing walk to identify what different sounds we could hear around us and we have tasted and smelt different juices and crisps.


Autumn Term

Class 1 spent 2 weeks getting to know each other and settling into their new classroom with their new teacher Miss Johnson. The children had a lovely 6 weeks holiday and did some writing about what they had done. Also as it was the start of the new year and our adventure together I asked the children what their wish was to achieve by July 2015, so they all wrote a wish on a star, some of which you can see in the pictures. Also we learnt about a famous artist called Picasso and created our own portraits Picasso style.


Our current topic is the ice age where we have been learning about what it was like in the ice age, seasons, different weathers and animals who were around in the ice age, some of which are now extinct.


Summer Term Topic


Class 1 have been learning about all the different animals from around the world.

They have learnt about their habitats, foods they eat and their behaviours and have created various pictures of their favourite animals!

They have also learnt about dinosaurs and they have been scientists for the day where they have been making and excavating fossils!