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Our Phonic Scheme


The school follows the RWInc phonics scheme.  If you would like to know more please contact the school office.



Our Thematic Curriculum


Themes are mapped across an academic year with each one encompassing a large number of curriculum areas. Each theme lasts approximately six weeks and provides an engaging, purposeful context for all learning.


The Thematic Yearly Overviews detail the thematic overview for each year group, clarifying the subject areas covered and suggesting appropriate writing opportunities. Every foundation subject appears in every theme to ensure both depth of understanding and a broad and balanced approach.


As children are regularly exposed to a broad and balanced curriculum, they build their knowledge, skills and understanding over the course of an academic year. They are always building on previous learning which in turn ensures cumulative fluency across year groups and phases. The themes provide a purposeful, meaningful and engaging context for all learning.


Staff are skilled at using the Subject Sequence School documents to track back through objectives to ensure that all the learners' needs within their class are met and any gaps are filled.


Crays Hill Primary School works on a rolling program so that over the school life of a child they get to experience a range of different themes.  In 2021- 2022 we are working on Year B across all classes.

Thematic Prior Knowledge document EYFS to Year 6

Our School Approach


At Crays Hill Primary School we provide a dynamic and inspiring environment where children grow, flourish and thrive.


​We celebrate diversity, individuality and respect, enabling each child to fully develop their skills, talents and interests as well as a positive self image.